Computer Hardware

About Computer Hardware Unit

Responsible for the effective improvement of the functionality, performance and life span of computer systems in the university as follows:


  • Certification and Distributions of personal computer and the peripherals {i.e printer, scanner e.t.c to all computer Laborary department sections and units of the university.
  • To maximize support efficiencies only certain models of computers from supported manufacturers should be patronized.
  • Responsible for backups and recovery procedures for application including hardware and Software
  • Involved in the purchase of hardware and Software {I T infrastructure and Control} for the University.
  • Serve as an authorized warranty service to the university.
  • Carryout new installation of all distributed computer/accessories, setting them for both staff and students.
  • Maintaining all the installed systems in every section of the University by carrying out predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance as the case may be.
  • Repairs and servicing of all PCs
  • Documenting the hardware and Software related problems and solutions for future reference.
  • Enhancement of current system as authorized when upgrades become available.
  • Providing assistance to users who have challenges in using some applications and computer peripherals operation.
  • Attend to both wireless and wired internet connectivity challenges for students and report major faults to the network administrator.
  • Also troubleshoot network challenges and connectivity problems and also system visibility challenges on the network.

Head of Unit

Engr. Abdullahi Mohammed Shiru

Head of Unit, Computer Hardware

Engr. Abdullahi Mohammed Shiru is the head of Computer Hardware Unit, possesses PTI – Diploma Instrumentation and Control Engineering, B.Eng in Electrical and Computer Engineering and M.Eng in Computer Engineering.