About Networking Unit

Networking unit which is also refer to NIS (Network Infrastructure and Security) unit is in charge of planning, designing, deploying, maintaining and securing network and ICT infrastructure in the University. The unit boast of experienced and professional Engineers, Scientists and Technicians armed with diverse knowledge in network design, configuration and deployment using industry standard equipment and tools, Server configuration using both Linux and Windows Operating System, Wireless design and optimization e.t.c.

Activities of the Network Infrastructure and Security (NIS) Unit

Network Administration and Infrastructure Management

  1. Network Operating Center (NOC) management; which include effective cooling of equipment and operation of data center.
  2. Extension, maintenance and troubleshoot of Fiber Optic backbone network.
  3. Setup, administration, maintenance and troubleshooting of all devices for the delivery of Internet services.
  4. Management and Configuration of IP addresses, Authentication Server, DMZ server and DNS hosting.

Network Services

  1. Deployment, installation and maintenance of server to host the University Portal and Websites.
  2. Management of University Email system.
  3. Deployment and installation of Linux and Windows Services, such as DHCP, KOHA, Dspace, etc
  4. Day to day networking activities

Head of Unit

Engr. Agboola Raphael Olatayo (MNSE, R.Eng)

Head of Unit, Networking.

Engr. Agboola Raphael Olatayo (MNSE, R.Eng) the head of Networking Unit, possesses B.Tech in Computer Engineering and M.Eng in Computer Engineering. He is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional, Red Hat Certified Engineer, Mikrotik Certified Routing Engineer and Huawei Certifications. Engr. Agboola is a recipient of several awards which includes the 2018 Servicom Award for Excellence by Federal University of Technology Minna.